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MJ Globus Team Attends Palm Beach International Boat Show to Showcase MetaBox Hologram Technology

Updated: Mar 23

We're thrilled to announce that the MJ Globus team is attending the Palm Beach International Boat Show from March 23 to 26. As avid boat enthusiasts, we are thrilled to attend this amazing event and connect with fellow boat lovers who share our passion.

We're proud to represent our partner, Metabox Hologram, and showcase the benefits of their innovative technology for boat owners, designers, and enthusiasts. Metabox is revolutionizing the yacht industry with its cutting-edge hologram box, which allows 3D renders of yachts and boats to be viewed in stunning detail and clarity.

With Metabox, you can add an extra level of sophistication to your yacht by incorporating their 4K volumetric holograms as furniture or viewing 3D renders of yachts and boats in stunning detail and clarity. The Metabox hologram box boasts a volumetric 4K hologram display that can showcase every aspect of a boat or yacht, from its exterior design to its interior layout.

But Metabox is more than just a stunning display - it provides an interactive experience through air gestures. Users can control the display through simple hand movements, making it easy to explore the yacht from every angle and view specific features up close. This technology allows for an immersive experience that truly showcases the beauty and functionality of the yacht.

Don't miss the chance to meet with MJ Globus at the show and see for yourself how Metabox can transform your yacht into a work of art! Follow us on social media and join us at the Palm Beach International Boat Show to experience this amazing technology firsthand.

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