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We are excited to share the incredible news of Milenia Nazaret's appointment as the LOANI Kazakhstan Chairperson by Leaders of All Nations International (LOANI)!

Milenia Nazaret - Kazakhstan Chairperson

Milenia's remarkable leadership qualities, dedication to global change, and unwavering commitment to fostering positive transformation perfectly align with the values and objectives of LOANI. As a global non-profit organization dedicated to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), LOANI focuses on promoting sustainability, empowerment, and social responsibility worldwide.

Milenia's appointment signifies a big milestone in our collective journey towards creating positive change. Her passion for humankind, coupled with her exemplary moral and professional conduct, makes her the ideal candidate for this crucial role. As the LOANI Kazakhstan Chairperson, Milenia will play a pivotal role in driving meaningful change within Kazakhstan and beyond.

In light of this exciting news, we are excited to extend our warmest congratulations to Milenia on her well-deserved appointment. We are confident that she will excel in her new role and make a lasting impact in her community.

As Milenia embarks on this new chapter with LOANI, we look forward to witnessing the incredible contributions she will undoubtedly make towards creating a more equitable and sustainable world for all.

Milenia Nazaret - Kazakstan Chairperson Certificate

Stay tuned for more updates on Milenia's journey with LOANI and our ongoing efforts to create positive change around the world!

We are thrilled to unveil the latest updates on our company's website, reflecting our expanded vision and enhanced focus on delivering exceptional services to our valued clients. Our commitment to excellence has led us to prioritize Commodities, Bitcoin & USDT transactions, luxury Real Estate, and exclusive investment opportunities for our esteemed top clients. Read on to discover the new developments in each area!

MJGLOBUS services

🔹 Commodities: Our Top Priority Commodities now take center stage in our suite of services. We are delighted to present top two commodities we are working with:

1️⃣ EN590 10 ppm Diesel Fuel: This high-quality diesel fuel meets stringent industry standards and finds applications across various sectors. More details, including prices, quantities, delivery terms, and procedures, can be found on our services page or by contacting us directly.

2️⃣ Jet A1 Aviation Fuel: As a vital resource in the aviation industry, Jet A1 aviation fuel plays a crucial role in ensuring safe and efficient air travel. More details, including prices, quantities, delivery terms, and procedures, can be found on our services page or through direct contact with us.

🔹 Precious Metals and Gems

In addition to our top commodities, we also offer a selection of precious metals and gems. These exquisite resources present valuable investment opportunities and can be explored further by contacting our team. Our portfolio includes: - Gold - Silver

- Diamonds

- Emeralds - Rubies

🔹 OTC Bitcoin & USDT Transactions

& Transaction Facilitation Services

We work with private and institutional Buyers & Sellers to facilitate large Over-The-Counter (OTC) transactions of Bitcoin and USDT (Tether).

In addition, our team of experts ensures maximal transaction fluidity by providing a comprehensive suite of intermediary services to both buy- and sell -side parties in OTC crypto transactions from start to finish and offers the following services to clients:

-Wallet due diligence services

-KYC and client verification

-F2F meeting arrangement and facilitation

-Compliance advisory

-Compliance liaison services

-Corporate and tax structuring services

🔹 Real Estate: Discover Luxury Properties Our next major industry is real estate, where we have a range of luxury boutique hotels and properties for sale in prime locations:

  • Florida

  • New York

  • Europe

  • Dubai

  • Maldives

  • Mexico

🔹 Exclusive Investment Opportunities For our esteemed clients interested in long-term valuable projects, we offer exciting investment opportunities such as gold mines in Brazil and oil wells in Asia. To explore these ventures further, we invite you to contact us directly for detailed information.

We are delighted to unveil these exciting updates, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional services and unrivaled investment opportunities. Explore our website for a comprehensive overview of our diverse range of services.

To discover more about these invaluable opportunities, we invite you to get in touch with us directly.

Milenia Nazaret, a managing partner of MJ Globus was recently nominated and invited to the 100 Successful Women in Business Conference hosted by the Global Trade Chamber (GTC).

For over 14 years, the GTC has been dedicated to helping entrepreneurs start and grow successful enterprises across the globe by assisting companies in building their brands and promoting their products and services in both local and global markets.

Each year, the GTC recognizes 100 Successful Women in Business at their Annual Global Convention. This esteemed award features women from a wide range of backgrounds, from the corporate elite to full-time entrepreneurs, who have made a positive impact in their communities and the world at large.

Milenia Nazaret, a successful entrepreneur in her own right, was invited to speak at the conference in London on August 26th, where she shared insights about her company, MJ Globus, and opportunities for investors in Oil and Gas projects, Gold and Mineral mines projects, Bitcoin, Luxury Properties Worldwide, and Commodities. Her knowledge and experience were well received by the conference attendees.

Milenia Nazaret and Jeffrey Robinson at Gala dinner in London.

As a result of her exceptional achievements and contributions to the business world, Milenia Nazaret was honored with an award at the conference. Her autobiography was also included in The 100 Successful Women in Business book, which is available for purchase on Amazon.

The 100 Successful Women in Business Conference was a resounding success, bringing together a diverse group of successful women from many sectors and countries. Milenia Nazaret's participation in the conference, her recognition with an award, and the inclusion of her biography in the book are all testament to her success as an entrepreneur and a positive force for change in the business world.

with Alison Moore, Mayor of Barnet, London

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