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"Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people." - Steve Jobs

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Milenia Nazaret MJ Globus
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Jeff Robinson MJ Globus

Milenia Nazaret is a versatile professional with a proven track record in various industries. With a rich professional background spanning from luxury real estate to commodities trading in Oil & Gas and OTC Bitcoin transactions, Milenia's expertise has expanded to encompass a dynamic range of opportunities in the ever-evolving financial landscape.

Milenia's entrepreneurial journey began in Kazakhstan, where she owned and built a thriving advertising and model agency, working closely with Fortune 100 companies. This experience honed her business acumen and exposed her to the intricacies of high-level corporate partnerships.

Complementing her background, Milenia holds a degree in Civil Engineering and has a strong educational foundation in Architecture, Economics, and advanced studies in Blockchain technology. Her diverse knowledge base allows her to approach transactions with a multifaceted perspective and adapt to the rapidly changing dynamics of the industry.

Throughout her career, Milenia has cultivated relationships with influential individuals and high-ranking government officials, further expanding her network and establishing valuable connections across sectors. These connections, combined with her exceptional knowledge of business environment, position her as a key facilitator for lucrative opportunities in the market.

Milenia's global licenses, as well as her commitment to excellence and exceptional service ensures that her clients receive the utmost professionalism and superior results in their endeavors. Her vast global network, combined with her expertise and unwavering dedication, opens doors to exclusive opportunities, making her an invaluable partner in achieving financial success in any business transaction.

Jeffrey Robinson is a seasoned business professional with a multifaceted background spanning real estate, finance, engineering, and public relations. With over two decades of experience as a Real Estate Broker, Jeff possesses a deep understanding of the industry, offering invaluable financing and advisory services to numerous clients. Hailing from the Carolinas and having grown up in Europe, he brings a global perspective to his work, enriched by his extensive international engagements.

Having worked with startups and served as a computer programmer, civil engineer, and public affairs officer in the United States Air Force, Jeff's expertise is diverse and far-reaching. His educational journey includes a degree in civil and mechanical engineering, accompanied by an MBA from Kenan-Flagler Business School. Furthermore, he has undertaken advanced training in trading and maintains personal investments in cryptocurrencies, showcasing his continuous pursuit of knowledge and adaptability in dynamic markets.

Leveraging his vast network of contacts, Jeff excels at connecting clients with tailored solutions to meet their distinctive business needs. Currently, he focuses on the dynamic commodities market and OTC Bitcoin and USDT transactions, capitalizing on his comprehensive understanding of these fast-evolving sectors. With his extensive knowledge and unwavering dedication, Jeff is deeply committed to providing exceptional services that empower businesses to achieve remarkable success.

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