100 Successful Woman in Business conference.

The 100 Successful Women in Business Network is a division of the Global Trade Chamber.
The GTC has been helping entrepreneurs start and grow successful enterprises across the globe for over 14 years. The GTC helps companies build their brands and promote their products and services in local and global markets. For more information visit:


100 Successful Women are recognized once a year at the 100 Successful Women in Business Annual Global Convention. The recipients of this prestigious award feature women ranging from the corporate elite to full-time entrepreneurs. We recognize Amazing Successful Women from many sectors and countries making a positive impact in their communities and the world. 

Please check the information here: www.100SWN.com

Milenia will speak at the conference on 26 August in London about her company MJ Globus and opportunities for investors in Oil and Gas projects, Gold and Mineral mines projects, Bitcoin, Luxury Properties Worldwide, and Commodities. 

MJ Globus invites all partners and clients to the Conference & Women Business EXPO. You can download your free pass here. Click to the picture. 

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Milenia Nazaret and Jeffrey Robinson are managing partners of MJ Globus. Gala dinner in London.


100 Successful Women in Business Expo in London.  I received my award. Thank you so much Global Chamber of Commerce and organizers.

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The 100 Successful Women in Business Conference & Expo is a multicultural event with a mission to bring together successful women.

Participating countries include the United States, France, Germany, Canada, India, Bahamas, Venezuela, Colombia, Ghana, South Africa, Philippines, Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina, Sri Lanka, Sierra Leone, Cyprus, Greece, Dominican Republic, Hungary, Afghanistan, Belgium, Georgia, Ecuador, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, China, Nigeria, and of course, the United Kingdom and others.


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Red carpet and Gala dinner in London.  Milenia Nazaret and Jeffrey Robinson

With Madam Alison Moor Councilor, Mayor, London Borough of Barnet.


The picture with Fathima Farwin managing director Oleana LTD Sri Lanka/London UK


Congratulations to the President and Co-founder of GLOBAL TRADE CHAMBER & Director of 100 Successful Women in Business Network Al Otero "connecting companies worldwide" and the Founder and CEO of the 100 Successful Women in Business Network Maria Renee Davila for having the vision to connect, empower, inspire, and recognize amazing women around the globe, also authored 2 Successful Women Books, Successful Women Magazine, Sucess Stories TV Show, Annual Award Convention London England 2022, and much more to come! www.100swb.com